Solar Repairs, Service & Maintenance

clean solar panels

To ensure your solar system continues giving you the best value for money and all components hold their warranties Formula green recommends regular maintenance and inspection of your system.

Below are some suggestions for maintenance you can do yourself, and a list of what is covered in our professional maintenance and service.

Things you can do yourself

  • Clean and clear wasp and bird nests on top and behind the inverter
  • Trim trees shading modules during peak sun hours
  • Check your power bill and compare the solar credits/usage received is the same as the previous year, and review what feed-in tariff your retailer are paying
  • Check weekly the inverters green light (run) is on solid during the day

If the inverter shows a yellow or red light (fault): note the error code on the display and contact Formula Green and speak to our technician for free advice and a quote to resolve the fault.

Follow your shut down procedure to turn the system off.

Do not attempt to service the system yourself as dangerous voltages can still be present and may void warranties.

Professional Maintenance & Service

  • Clean modules of dirt and bird droppings
  • Check for damaged and defects on modules
  • Clear build-up of leaf’s, debris and bird nests lodged under the array
  • Check roof hard ware and modules are secure
  • Test power output from each array
  • Check connections are tight to isolators
  • Check IP integrity and UV damage of components