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Solar panels help mitigate climate change and the increasing power prices while promoting energy independence. We’re here to find you the most suitable solar solutions to join the renewable energy revolution.

5kw Grid
Connect Systems

Package 1

This package is suitable for small homes

6.6kw system
15 x 440W Modules
5kw inverter

Package 2

This package is suitable for medium homes

10.56kw system
24 x 440W Modules
8kw inverter

Package 3

This package is suitable for large homes

13.2kw system
30 x 440W
10kw inverter
Battery Storage

Battery Storage AC Coupled

If your looking for battery storage for your existing solar system and backup power for blackouts this is a good addition.

5kw AC Coupled System
5kwh of Storage

Battery Storage With Solar

If your looking for a reducing you power to zero this would be the best solution. Let us work out the best designs for your household and electricity bill.

13.2kw Hybrid System
30 x 440W Modules
10kw Hybrid Inverter
12.8kwh of storage
Off-Grid Systems

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Here at Formula Green, we’re here to make clean energy accessible. Contact us to find out the latest deals and government solar rebates available to you, without the sales techniques.

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Say goodbye to scary electricity bills and start saving with solar energy today.

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Everyone deserves access to green energy, so we make the process easy and simple.

No more power outages

Don’t suffer the inconvenience of power outages. Make the switch to solar energy and you can carry on with your day.

Excellent install and great service. Was recommended Formula Green and they didn’t disappoint. Have recommended and passed on their contact details to everyone who has ask me about solar since.


Shannon and his team were excellent when installing my new solar. From the time I phoned for a quote, asked questions and had the system installed it was under 3 weeks. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


I highly recommend Formula Green Energy Solutions and their team. Shannon and his team are extremely professional and exceptional. In the solar energy industry, there are very few teams that are as professional as they are. If you're looking to install a solar energy system, Formula Green Energy Solutions is definitely the top choice.


Recently had a solar system installed and highly recommend you give them a call. Really appreciated Steve's no BS approach without the oversell. Shannon and his team run a smooth install operation, he even picked up a couple of other electrical jobs we had and they did everything they said they would.


We hired Formula Green Energy Solutions to install our solar system. They were great very professional, did an excellent job, friendly and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommended Formula Green Energy for your solar needs.


Great service Shannon and the team were very professional and prompt with their installation of our solar system and put my mind at ease with all the questions I asked of him about solar. 100% recommendations.


100% would recommend to anyone. Great service. Family owned and operated business. Couldn’t be happier with our system and savings.


Just had our solar system installed by Shannon and his team from Formula Green and the experience was amazing. Steve gave honest opinion regarding the solar, they gave me the best deal compared to another companies I have contacted, and the team was professional from start to finish.

Can solar panels break?

Yes, they can smash in severe weather. If you have experienced severe weather with the presence of hailstones and fallen tree branches, we recommend having your panels inspected for damage.

Is there a difference in solar panel quality?

No, they all have to meet Australia standard rules and regulations.

How long do solar panels last?

They can last up to 25 years, but it’s important to have them serviced and cleaned annually to maintain optimal function.

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