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Grid connected, Battery Storage, Stand Alone

Solar power systems have never been so affordable.

With energy costs rising rapidly and solar panel system prices more affordable than ever, it’s not too late to save big on power bills by equipping your home with a quality Solar system.

Feed-in tariffs available for solar systems have also increased from some retailers, making it worth while investing in your power supply.

We configure your solar panel system to make the most of the available roof area of your home.

In the past, solar modules were only mounted on north-facing pitched roofs. Now, computer designed systems formulate the output of modules mounted on east-facing, west-facing, and flat roofs, to generate the maximum possible power from your solar panel system, with excess power feeding back to the grid

Why trust Formula Green with your investment?

  • We have over 30 years experience designing and installing a wide range of solar system configurations.
  • Qualified, highly experienced A Class Electricians ensure a safe, quality installation.
  • We only install quality tier 1 modules, which come with a linear performance warranty, minimum 10 year product warranty, 25 year power warranty, and positive power tolerance.
  • All panel manufacturers we source from have an Australian office, for your peace of mind.
  • All systems can be connected to a battery inverter.
  • As the designers and installers of your new solar power solution, we take care of your investment from start to finish to ensure you the highest possible return.

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Solar panel system options

Solar Panel Systems

Connect your solar system to the electricity grid, powering your home while the sun shines and selling surplus power back to your energy provider.

This is the most effective and affordable way to use solar power, minimising your power bill and maximising the return on your investment.

Solar Panel Systems with battery storage and back-up power

Connect your solar modules to a battery storage inverter, use the power you generate from the solar modules and store the surplus in high quality batteries. Once the batteries are full, sell the left over power to the grid.

By adding batteries to your expertly-designed solar system, you use more free solar power and less expensive grid-supplied power.

As a bonus, in the event of a power black out, the energy stored in the batteries will supply your essential circuits: lighting and power points.

Already have a solar system?

Most solar grid connected systems are battery ready. Contact us to find out how we can extend your existing system with battery storage.

comprehensive power solutions

No power lines in sight? For cattle stations and other remote locations around Australia, a comprehensively designed stand-alone power system using reliable and quality products can minimise your power costs. Combining an inverter/charger, solar modules, batteries, wind turbine and generator will generate your own power supply for a family of up to 6.

As this will be your only power source to run fridges, freezers, water pumps etc., using quality proven products is crucial. Formula Green are fully accredited and highly experienced at designing and installing stand alone power solutions.

We provide a 24 hour call service and personally back all warranties, for your peace of mind. Contact us today to have a chat about your requirements.

solar system servicing

We can also test and clean your existing solar system, regardless of the installer;
replace your faulty inverter whether it’s under warranty or not; and replace solar modules. Click here to see more information and inclusions.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between different solar module brands?

Most tier 1 modules have a Linear performance warranty, 10 year product warranty, 25 year power warranty, and Positive power tolerance. All panels we install have an Australian office to help with warranty claims.

Monocrystalline modules are produced from one piece of crystal and typically 10-15% more efficient than multicrystalline or poly modules produced from many crystals, therefore you can generate more power on a mono panel compared to the same surface area of a multi panel. However, due to the structure of a mono cell it costs more to manufacture, so it’s more cost efficient to install multi modules if the power required fits the area of roof.

Why put 6 kW of panels on a 5kW inverter?

The peak output of a 6 kilowatt solar array would only occur in perfect conditions. For example, if a home has some modules installed on an east roof and others on a west roof, the sides would peak at different times of the day as the angle of the sun hitting the roof changes.
Therefore the output of the array would never actually reach 6kW, however installing 6kW in total split between two different orientations means you can generate the most possible power overall.

Can I connect my existing solar system to batteries?

Maybe. Providing your solar system complies with the current regulations, most systems are battery-ready. However, testing and checking the output your system is producing is important to ensure your current system is working as efficiently as possible before adding battery back up.